June 5, 2021
The Co-op Wars: Documenting the fall and rise of Minnesota’s flower power co-ops
The souring of the hippy dream as the idealistic 1960s gave way to the embittered ’70s is a familiar tale, but here is an absorbing co-operative variation on the theme, set among the warring factions of Minnesota’s grocery co-ops…

May 15, 2021
New documentary looks at the booming ’70s Twin Cities food co-op scene — and how it almost fell apart
At its core, the new documentary “The Co-op Wars” tells the story about a group of people who unite in defiance, push for the common good, grow and diversify and ultimately discover not everyone has the same idea of what’s actually good…
March 23, 2018
The film is a loving portrait of not only an artist at work, but the communities of Minnesota that came together at various points in the process...

March 21, 2013
The film is just eight minutes long, but its message is unmistakable.  “I think the message that comes out is the importance of how we treat others,”...

Oct. 29, 2012
As Bryn Mawr mourns its longtime UPS driver, one neighborhood resident is producing a documentary to honor his life. 

Aug 12, 2016
Video interview with Deacon Warner, IFP MN Youth programs Director starting at 10:58

Sept 19, 2011
The student filmmakers originally joined the trip to help film the bus ride and vigil, but they ended up becoming the focus of the film. The story of the journey and the massive protest outside the school is told from their perspective.


A group of doctoral nursing students were lucky enough to be connected with Deacon to help us with a big project to quickly create and disseminate free, prenatal educational videos to our community during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Deacon was so much fun and easy to work with! He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and his expertise played a major role in the success of the creation, distribution, and success of our videos! 

Deacon worked with myself and a few other Doctorate of Nursing Practice students to pull together a whole video education series on labor, birth, and postpartum to help fill the gap created by COVID cancelling many birth education programs. He helped us create over 60 videos in record time. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and an absolute joy to work with. Both the experience and the end product were amazing. 
Working with Deacon was a total pleasure. He had clear communication, came prepared for shooting, and was very thorough. He was also great at fine tuning every detail in post. I would recommend him for any video services that you might need.
THE FILTER LAB • Jared Miller

Having Deacon present on our pediatric units provided patients with a creative means for self-expression during a harrowing time in their life—hospitalization, sometimes after a very traumatic event. He was able to connect with patients of all ages and especially our teens. He is a calming force that brings peace to the room, letting children and teens be creative and have fun exploring filmmaking.

Deacon was amazing to work with! He was extremely accommodating with our needs and our vision for the video. Being that this was our first time creating a video, Deacon was extra helpful in breaking down all the ins/outs of making the video - resulting in successful first takes, minimal editing, etc. The final product was of high quality and true to our vision. Would love to work with Deacon again!

In every interaction Deacon was personable and professional.  He listened in advance to what we hoped to achieve, and explained everything clearly and kindly so we could do our part to achieve the best outcome.  The videos were completed in a very timely manner and are terrific - expectations were far exceeded.

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