Ganga to Mississippi: The Confluence of Waters  2022
Classical Asian Indian music, North American musical traditions and Anishinabe storytelling provide the sound track to a production of Kathak dance performed on the banks of the Mississippi. The performance not only honors two of the world’s sacred waterways but also provides a meditation on our interconnections with nature and with each other.
The Co-op Wars ​​​​​​​ 2021
In the 1970s young radicals in Minnesota built an alternative economy, only to see it ripped apart by their own conflicted ideals and a shadowy revolutionary organization.  
Directed by Deacon Warner

Trailer for The Co-op Wars

Bee-Sharp Honeybee  2018
An Australian composer, on a six-week visit to Minnesota, collaborates with musicians, scientists, animators and honey bees to create an original multi-media string quartet composition—based on audio recordings of bees.  
Directed, shot and edited by Deacon Warner
Trailer for the documentary short Bee-Sharp Honeybee produced with Australian composer Rae Howell
Peaceful Warriors: On the road with Vets for Peace  2011
Peaceful Warriors' chronicles a 2010 bus trip by a group of Veterans for Peace to the School of the Americas protest at the gates of Fort Benning. The experience is seen through the eyes of Jill and Lorenzo, two high school filmmakers who accompanied the group on its annual journey from Minnesota to Columbus, Georgia.  
Directed and edited by Deacon Warner
Opening clip from Peaceful Warriors: On the road with Vets for Peace
Ann Cosgrove Warner reflects on her childhood in Le Sueur as the daughter of the canning company president and the little sister to four older brothers. Both the affluence and the loss of her youth helped shape a deep spirituality that has guided her as a mother and a community organizer.
Directed, shot and edited by Deacon Warner
56  2006
Growing up in St. Paul in the 30s. Discovering a talent for football in the Navy during WW II. Returning to St. Paul to attend the University of Minnesota on the GI Bill. Dale Warner went on to meet his future wife, Ann, wearing number 56 for the Golden Gophers.  
Directed, shot and edited by Deacon Warner

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